On the border

22 03 2008

Paul said that the reports from the border crossing were that it was taking up to 2 hours (Easter weekend and all that). So I left Anacortes around 8:30. I had a reservation for the 3:15pm ferry to The Island, but if the border wait time was that long, I’d be cutting it fine. As it happened, the border wait was about 3 cars, then I had to report in to the building and get my passport stamped. All up, it took maybe 15 minutes, so as it turned out, I was worried for nothing. But then, border crossings from the US in to Canada as a foreign national isn’t always as painless.

I made the Tsawassen Ferry terminal just after 10am, and was able to secure passage on the 12:45 ferry to Duke Point, Nanaimo. They’ve upgraded the facilities at the terminal, so there are now quite a few places to eat and drink – and buy stuff! I bought a fleece vest for $10 and had a Doner Kebab/Gyro type thing. Then I found that outside there were some power points, so I fired up the laptop out in the cold to write this. My fingers are FREEZING, so I’m going to finish now and perhaps continue on board the ferry if I can find a power outlet. The battery should be OK, but I’m more comfortable if the laptop is connected to real power. The day is fine (otherwise I sure wouldn’t be sitting outside!!), but it’s VERY cold. I’m in my polar fleece and have my scarf wrapped tightly around my neck, but as I said, my fingers are FREEZING. So that’s it for now. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to load these posts up as there are no wireless access points here and I doubt there are any on the ferry. At least the ferry will be warm…



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