Ferry ‘cross the Mersey

22 03 2008

Because I got to the Ferry terminal nice and early, my car was one of the first in line, which meant one of the first on to the car deck and it will be one of the first off. But even better, it meant I was one of the first people aboard and grabbed one of the few ‘business workstations’ to fire up the laptop to continue to write this, read some PDFs, upload photos from my camera, write up my receipts, get some other work done etc. There’s no internet connection, but at least there’s a desk, a chair, and a power outlet. And it’s warm.

The weather outside is fine, but with a grey/white cloudy look, so the sea is quite grey too and the air is a little hazy. While I enjoy sitting up the very front, there’s nowhere to put the laptop. Also, I’ve done this crossing several times, so unless there’s a pod of whales to see, there’s not a lot to look at that I haven’t seen before. Of course, in all the crossings I’ve done, I’ve never seen more than a few birds! So I’m working on the law of averages and assuming that there won’t be any whales to see today. No doubt if there are any, there’ll be enough chatter amongst the passengers to alert me to them.

Oh, I also left a message with Jill and Brian – my hosts for the next few days – to tell them that I would be with them around 4pm, not 7pm as I originally thought. I had to call them on the pay phone as I found that the TracFone I purchased in the US does not have anything more than emergency coverage in Canada. Bloody phones <mutter, mumble>.



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