On the road again

20 03 2008

After meeting up with one of the people on the Lone Writers list this morning, I packed my bags, checked out of the hotel, got back into the car, and headed north out of Portland.

The weather was grey and dry for the I-5 section to Olympia and for part of the 101 beyond. But then the rain set in… right at the time the views started to appear! And it rained, and rained, and rained a little more. I went up the west side of the Hood Canal which I’m sure is very pretty in the sunshine, but is very grey and bleak and isolated in the rain. I looped around on Highway 104, then Highway 3 back to the Tacoma area, finding a place to stay in the charming Gig Harbor, which is where I am now.

So some 5-6 hours of driving and NOT ONE PICTURE of a view! Oh well, if tomorrow is clear, you’re meant to be able to see Mt Hood from here…

Update: The rain cleared a little late in the afternoon, so I took a walk on the main street of Gig Harbor, stopping off at the Tides Tavern for a meal of NW Coho Salmon (what a surprise!). So I did get a few photos.