Last full day in Brisbane

6 03 2008

Another full work day today. I ended up getting all the work done that was on my list for the four days. That included an extra 60+ page document that neither Mel (my boss) nor I were expecting. We worked hard on that doco on Monday and very early Tuesday morning, so the guys could hand it to the client on Tuesday and train them with it on site (central Queensland) on Tuesday and Wednesday. In the words of the Implementation Team Lead today, according to the client the doco was ‘sh*t hot’.

Today I also got the email saying that my conference session looked like being popular, so it was back to Big W to stock up on more Caramello Koalas! I now have nine dozen of them, so I hope I have enough for everyone.

After work, Mel and I took a cab over to New Farm for a couple of drinks at Gerties, a neighbourhood bar, and then we wandered across the road to the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant (cnr Brunswick and Barker). We had Madras Prawns and a chicken dish (Chicken Nariyal??), both hot; some pappadums; and some chilli naan. All hot. All lovely. All eaten!

We also had a really good chat about life, the universe, and everything. Thanks for a lovely evening Mel, and thanks Greta for the Indian Restaurant suggestion (Greta couldn’t join us as she’s at PDAC in Toronto, but she sent Mel a text message sending her regrets).

Mel only lives around the corner, so I caught a cab back in to the city. This time it was less than $10, so I was happy with that.

I started packing when I got back. I’ll finish in the morning after I’ve had a shower etc. and pack the toiletries. I think that the packing will overflow into the second bag – nine packs of Caramello Koalas (and something for someone who reads this blog so I can’t say what it is) take up quite a bit of space!! I’m a walking, talking wine and chocolate courier… Not much room for clothes and shoes, but hey, I can always buy them in the US 😉


6 03 2008

I just got an email from the conference organiser. He’s putting me in a large room as more than 100 people (out of around 500 attendees who can choose between 5 concurrent sessions) have indicated that they intend going to it.

Seeing as though many (me included!) may not have sent back a response, that’s a pretty big number.

Previously, my conference presentations have been delivered to between 30 and about 70 people. In the conference organiser’s words “This says a lot of good things about you and your topic.”

I hope I can live up to the audience’s expectations…