Quilt workshop: Cosmic Curves convergence quilt

31 08 2008

Yesterday, Bobbie and I, and Flora (Bobbie’s friend from Perth) went to Bunbury to participate in a quilt workshop. Michelle from Raggedy Stitches was our teacher for the day, and the workshop featured a Ricky Tims technique called convergence quilts (yes, Ricky is a bloke who quilts!). We all had lots of fun, lots of laughs, a bit of unpicking (ugh!), and learned a lot about piecing curves. I think everyone finished their quilt tops. We all used the same pattern, but with the variety of fabrics, everyone’s looked different.

Mine is the one in the earth tones—I call it “Sun and Earth”. It has an Aboriginal print as the main fabric (see the white snakes crawling towards the waterholes?), a yellow ‘sun’ fabric for the sun, and an ochre fabric for the earth (all fabrics were from my stash except the ochre fabric).

Sun and earth

Sun and earth

Bobbie’s is done in Japanese print fabrics, and she’s making it for a friend of hers who is into Japanese design.

Turning Japanese

Turning Japanese

Link to post about finished quilt…



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31 08 2008

Thanks Rhonda, I was trying to think of a name for my quilt and I rather like “Turning Japanese” as you have named it here.
My mistake shows up really clearly in the photo and will be gone by end of day.
It was a great day and I learned heaps too.

31 08 2008

“shows up really clearly”??? I don’t think so—I only know it’s there ‘cos you told me. I bet no-one else can see it!

31 08 2008

I busted myself looking for the mistake but couldn’t see it. Wow, I always thought piecing curves must be really difficult – you got that done in a day? They’re both fabulous quilts.

31 08 2008
Char James-Tanny

Ladies, those quilts are gorgeous. Good job on the curves (and in just one day? Amazing.)

1 09 2008

I too had a great day Rhonda, thank you. It was great to catch up with you, Bobbie and Flora again. I had loads of laughs as our bantering was in fine form! haha Everyone did a wonderful job on their quilts and discovered that curves are not so scary afterall. As usual I was blown away by people’s choice of colour and fabric. That aspect of teaching for me is one of the most exciting!

3 09 2008
Just gobsmacked « At Random

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5 09 2008

These are absolutely beautiful! In one day, too. I’m very impressed.

20 09 2008
Quilt workshop: Cosmic Curves convergence quilt: Finished « At Random

[…] finished quilting and binding the “Cosmic Curves” convergence quilt the other day. So it’s done. Sun – free motion embroidered in metallic gold […]

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