The long and winding road

11 03 2008

An absolutely gorgeous day today, so I’ve decided to take the scenic route via Highway 1 and the coast…. More later…

We’ve missed doing this drive the last few times as the fog or the rain have meant that it’s not worth it. I think once the road was impassable because of a rock slide.

It took me three hours to get from Paso to Monterey, as I stopped quite often on the trip to take photos! (I’ll upload them later…) It’s a VERY winding road for much of the length of the trip, but you get the most SPECTACULAR views of the ocean and the land sweeping in to it. Oh, and there are spots where Elephant Seals come to sun themselves.

 Bull Elephant Seal

Coast near Big Sur

Coast near Big Sur

I arrived at David’s mid-afternoon, then popped out with his ex, Lee, for a coffee and a natter (oh, and a detour to a fabulous fabric store…). Later David, Rita, and I went to Heather’s home to celebrate her husband’s birthday and have dinner. Heather is such a lovely person – I first met her when she was about 16 and she was lovely then too! More great food and wine and company…

Rita asked when and how David and I met, and we figured it had been 25 years ago since we met in Tahiti. Wow! 25 years!! So David called one of the Canadian guys who was on the same trip, and we all talked for ages. Greg was blown away to hear from David, and then from me! I haven’t seen Greg for at least 10 years, though I get to see David every year or two when we go to California. What a great blast from the past! Greg still keeps in contact with the other two guys, but told us that another who hung with our group died a couple of years back.