Walk the line

27 03 2008

My flight from Vancouver arrived early, but that meant nothing. The Hong Kong immigration area was pretty full, and I ended up in a line that moved the slowest of them all. I was in line for more than an hour, and after all that waiting and shuffling forward, it took less than one minute to get stamped and allowed in to Hong Kong.

By then, the baggage carousel from our flight was totally empty, except for my bags. At least they were easy to find! Customs was just a walk through too, then I waited close to another hour to get on the bus to the hotel. By the time I got to the hotel and to bed, it’d been 3.5 hours since I’d landed, and some 28+ hours since I’d last slept. I thought LAX was bad – Hong Kong was as bad, but that was for the line I was on only. The other lines all moved fairly quickly, but by the time you realise that, it’s too late to shift.

Oh, and I’d wondered why there were so many boofhead Aussie men, and those with Scottish ad New Zealand passports in the lines – The Hong Kong Sevens Rugby series starts today…