Home Open

20 11 2006

We had our first “home open” on Saturday. I was a bit disappointed as the agent said only 5 groups came through. But on the other side, only ONE family will buy this house… maybe they just haven’t seen it yet. Even if 200 came through (unlikely, even at the height of the boom!), only one could buy. So I’m vacilating between being ambivalent and disappointed.

There was a lot of work done to put things in cupboards etc. for the “home open”. It’s quite stressful, yet exciting and scary too.



One response

20 11 2006

Oh my, you have my sympathy. Our house is still on the market. Nearly 3 months now.
There’s nothing wrong with the house, it’s just a bit further out than most people would generally live… also we have a lazy agent, who very shortly will get sacked. Grr!

Open houses are awful as the home owner. I lapsed into a bit of paranoia before I moved to the U.S. and left my webcam recording when there was an inspection on. In hindsight I wish I hadn’t watched.

Some people just have no respect. I’m sure that won’t be the case for you. As it turned out we refused all offers from that ‘family’.

Goodluck! 🙂

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