Conference postings

17 03 2008

Postings specifically related to the WritersUA Conference are over at the CyberText Newsletter blog. More personal stuff is here, but they will be light on until I get on the road again, though I may add some food descriptions and photos ūüėČ

Brunch today at Oliver’s where I¬†had their delicious Eggs Benedict. The chef used a lot of lemon in the Hollandaise sauce which made it delightfully tangy.¬†Those there were¬†Char, Dave, Sue, Frank, Chris, and Chuck.

Eggs Benedict

Dinner was at Porta Terra (?), where I had the wild salmon special. Those there were Sue, Dave, Frank, Rich, and Jack.

Because I can’t get fresh Pacific Northwest salmon where I live in Australia, I think I’ll be having it every meal I can! It is SO much better than the farmed Atlantic salmon we get in Australia.

Wild salmon