Designs, signs, and other oddities

14 03 2014

This post is full of miscellaneous signs, oddities, patterns/designs, I came across in the US.


I’m starting to see patterns/designs everywhere — maybe it’s my quilting eye? Here are a few:


Layered acrylic pieces in black, white, grey. I can see this as a quilt…


More quilty goodness — licorice allsorts, anyone?


This is DEFINITELY a free motion quilting pattern in the making!


More potential quilty goodness…


These circles look like alien spacecraft when looking at them at an angle up the hotel corridor. The centre section looks like another quilt… I like the ‘borders’ too.



Weird signs


I guess no-one told the crow about the restricted parking.


I don’t know how you can report a mountain lion that doesn’t retreat to the Park Headquarters when it is threatening you!


Other than the need to reword this sign (I’m always editing!), I have to wonder WHAT made them put it up… Not something I want to think about for too long…


Two things — 3199 people is a very specific number. Why not 3200? Will an extra person cause the courtyard to collapse? Secondly, ‘adult in attendance’ is not going to help children under 14. There could be 3198 adults in attendance, but it doesn’t mean that any one of them is watching out for a child under 14. I think they meant an adult with a supervisory/parenting/guardianship role over their children under 14.


Again, what prompted the hotel to put up this sign a few inches from the ceiling? Did someone once hang their clothes on the room’s fire sprinkler? The sign says ‘Contact with sprinkler will cause flooding’.

Oddities and bits and pieces


Yes, seriously! Two people were parading their dogs advertising their doggie sunglasses business. This one had these chic red sunglasses on, and was wearing a little dress (with a frilled skirt!) in a pink and cherry pattern. Only in Palm Springs… or Venice Beach!


‘How humiliating!’


I know it doesn’t rain very often in Palm Springs, but from the size of this downpipe outlet, I suspect when it does, it rains VERY heavily and for a short duration. That outlet could sure push out a large volume of water very quickly.


Love the rustiness and flaky paint on this fire hydrant and the one below, but I wonder if they are still active?


At least they’re honest

4 11 2007

How many of those “World’s best <whatever>!!” have you seen? Hundreds? Thousands? And who decides anyway—who says that the <whatever> is the BEST in the ENTIRE world?

Well, a burger bar in nearby Manjimup won’t proclaim that they’re the world’s best – they think they ‘possibly’ are! Maybe, maybe not… who’s to say. No, I haven’t tried a burger from there yet – though I’m tempted!

Chicken Burger sign