Me! I’m a technical editor, ex-technical writer, ex-teacher, and quilter living with my husband on an acre of land in the beautiful southwest corner of Western Australia.

I took up quilting—with a passion—after moving to the country from Perth early in 2007. At first, I was most interested in the quilt design and creation process, but now I’m passionate about art quilts and free motion quilting (FMQ). I use a Husqvarna Sapphire 870 Pfaff Performance Icon for sewing and piecing, and my beloved ‘Bee’ — a Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen — for my quilting. Almost all my quilting is free motion — I rarely mark a pattern, I don’t use pantographs, and I rarely use rulers.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended several multi-day quilting workshops in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, and have been taught new techniques from the likes of Michelle Pearson, Gloria Loughman, Eleanor Burns, Lenore Crawford, Velda Newman, Pam Holland, Helen Godden, Ann Shaw, Sophie Standing, Susan Carlson, Jane Sassaman, and Cindy Needham (among others).

I’ve honed my FMQ skills by volunteering to quilt charity quilts for my local guild’s ‘Community Quilts‘ program. I started quilting community quilts in June 2012, and by August 2020 I had quilted almost 500 quilts of various sizes for this program. I also quilt other people’s quilts for a fee (see Quilting Services).

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11 09 2009

My wife really likes your site. SHe passed it to me and now I’m a fan, too.

Best wishes from Fort Lauderdale

Steve McCrea
skype SteveEnglishTeacher I plan to show my students your blog

1 12 2010
Geraldine Cutmore

i really love your Aboriginal cosmic curves quilt!!! it is awesome!!! Do you have any more and would I be able to purchase the pattern? I have heaps of Aboriginal fabric and want to make one for my dad and 2 brothers.

1 12 2010

Hi Geraldine

I made that quilt a few years back and one of my friends bought it from me — it was one-of-a-kind and I have no more. I learned how to make it at a workshop run by Michelle from Handcrafter’s House (Raggedy Stitches) in Midland, Western Australia. You can contact her at michelle@raggedystitches.com — she knows me well, so tell her you found the quilt on my blog and ask if she still sells the ‘Cosmic Curves’ pattern. I believe she based the pattern on Ricky Tims’ convergence technique.

29 01 2012

Hello Rhonda, I just randomly came upon this page while browsing the internet, and those two leaf quilts with the red/green color and the blue color are really beautiful and I was just wondering if I could have your permission to use the two images as a front and back cover to my Album demo that i’m currently recording, I feel like it matches the theme of the music. You can email me at eliasabidaoud@gmail.com . Thank you!

29 01 2012

Hi Elias

Do you mean these? https://sandgroper14.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/2012-fmq-challenge-january/

Sure, go ahead. Just send me pictures of the finished product when it’s done so I can add them to my blog (see email address above). Can you also send me more info about the album?


26 06 2012

Never say “never” (reference: Update (April 2009): Well, the global financial crisis has killed off any plans to build! Perhaps forever…) When God closes a door, He opens a window!!!! Hugs, Doreen

1 08 2015

Just reading your blog on using metallic thread on your Sweet 16. It is recommended by Eric Drexler from Sulky threads to use the sewer’s aid on the needle, not the thread.

1 08 2015

That’s interesting, Nancy. I’ll have to try that. Most people I’ve watched use it on YouTube and in real life have run the Sewer’s Aid down the thread, which has worked for me too.

Thanks for sharing.

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