Rearranging the sewing room

15 12 2014

Getting the new window treatments installed was the impetus for me to rearrange the layout of my sewing room. I now seem to have much more open floor space — shifting the cutting table next to the sewing table removed a ‘pinch point’ as you walked in the door and another when you tried to get to the stored goodies in the wardrobe, and putting the ironing board in front of the window lets much more light into the room (even if I didn’t have the new verticals). I still have plenty of light on my sewing table and the view is just a small turn of the head away.

That white record/CD cabinet holds lots of fabric — the CD drawers are the perfect size for fat quarters. The portable design wall (not shown) is on the opposite side of the room to the window, and the wardrobe is to the left of the white cabinet.

My Sweet Sixteen lives in the living room 😉






2 responses

15 12 2014

Isn’t it interesting how moving just one or two items opens up the space, even though nothing leaves the room!!!!

1 01 2015
Dawn C.

One day…I’m going to clean up my sewing room……

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