On the first part of the journey…

2 03 2008

(with apologies to “America”: Horse with No Name)

Travel day today. First, the 3.25 hour drive to Perth to leave my car with friends, then they took me to the airport for my early afternoon 4-hour flight to Brisbane.

Perth Airport didn’t seem as busy as usual, which was good! A bit of a queue for check in, no queue for the carry on baggage security check, and the Qantas Club lounge wasn’t bursting at the seams (which was lucky because they’ve got construction going on in there). I saw Kate Ceberano and her entourage in the Qantas Club – she must’ve been over for a concert. After seeing her on “Who do you think you are?” I think most Australians would feel they know her quite well after sharing her genealogical journey of discovery.

I sat next to a Qantas pilot on the flight – interesting conversation! He’d flown in from Tokyo last night and was flying home to his home on the Gold Coast. I taught him my techniques for Sudoku as he’s never figured out how to do them.

For the foodies: The lunch on the flight was excellent. I had a Lamb Rendang and it was really tasty. Airline food tends to be bland to cater for all tastes, but this had a nice bite. The little tub of delicious vanilla icecream with chocolate ginger snaps finished it off nicely.

Arrived safely in Brisbane right on time at 6:45 and I was in the accommodation within an hour.

Work tomorrow!

Apartment in Brisbane

Photo of apartment where I’m staying near the office



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