Kanga Bangas!

28 09 2014

Great name for a product! Kanga Bangas — sausages made from kangaroo meat. (‘Bangers’ are an English/Australian slang expression for sausages; Americans call them ‘links’.)

Spotted in my local supermarket. I think the meat to the left of the sausages is kangaroo steak, and to the right are kangaroo burgers. For those who’ve never eaten it, kangaroo is somewhere between beef and venison. It’s VERY lean, so the steaks are best when marinaded for a bit and grilled on the BBQ. Kangaroos aren’t farmed at all as far as I know, so these are wild game.




2 responses

29 09 2014

Interesting…….I would try these!!!!

23 10 2014
Dawn C.

Great name – Kanga Bangas! Kinda like “bubba’s burgers”. I’d try it, too.

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