Busy days

4 03 2008

My first two (of four) days back in the office have been busy. Quite a lot of staff on the team are away in far-flung places, but that hasn’t made it less busy. I think they’ve been keeping some things aside waiting for me to arrive!

I didn’t get a chance yesterday to write in this blog, and it’s now 10:30pm on Tuesday night and I should be in bed, but I wanted to get this out of the way before I rested my head.

After work yesterday I caught the train out to Thorneside (?) with Ian from work, then he drove me to his and Donna’s place. From there we went to a restaurant called The Lighthouse over in Cleveland, where we had the most fabulous meal. Ian had the Tempura Tiger Prawns to start, and while there were only three prawns, they were HUGE. Donna and shared an entree serve of the most beautifully spiced and cooked calamari. To die for. Then we all had a Coral Trout as our main course (delicious), and shared the ‘for two’ “Lighthouse Death by Chocolate” dessert. Three of us couldn’t finish it! I took photos of a seafood platter at a nearby table (yes, TFP, you’d be proud of me–I just went up to their table and asked permission to take a photo!) And I took a couple of photos of the chocolate dessert we shared. When I get better connection (tomorrow?) I’ll upload the photos…

Seafood platter

Death by chocolate

The worst thing was catching a cab back in to the Brisbane CBD. I have no clue where Cleveland is, but the taxi fare was over $70!!!! And I had to wait 20+ mins for it… the restaurant staff were in the closing up stages by the time it arrived.

Today was another busy work day, starting at 6am (under pressure to get a doc finished for the client by 8am–two of us came in early to get it done as we couldn’t finish it yesterday). And my $5 fake Rolex that my Mum bought for me in Bali died! For the past 12 months I’ve hardly needed to wear a watch–and just when I have to, it dies. So I bought a $15 watch from Big W. It’s only got to last 4 weeks… Normally, I wouldn’t have bothered, but tomorrow I’m doing my conference presentation for the software development teams, and have a couple of meetings, and so I NEED the correct time. My husband suggested the clock on my phone, but the phone will be turned off in the presentation, so that wasn’t a solution. It’s not like I have a plane to catch… NOT!

Tonight I practiced my presentation out loud and had a go at recording it on a voice recorder I purchased a while back. So I ended up not eating an evening meal. But then, after last night’s feed and breakfast and lunch today, I really didn’t need it.

OK, to bed!



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5 03 2008

Ooooh, looking fwd to the photos! I haven’t actually done that yet myself – asked strangers at a nearby table if i can photograph their food – though I have been tempted on many occasions. 🙂

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