Bathroom renos: Day 6

20 02 2023

Day 6 of bathroom renos. Very quiet today. The only activity was the tiler doing the first waterproofing coat, and the project manager installing the architraves for the 2 widened doorways. Both were finished and gone before 11am.

Tomorrow will be another coat of waterproofing around 8am, with possibly the final (3rd) coat tomorrow afternoon if the weather remains hot and dry as expected. The Australian Standard for waterproofing is one coat up to 1.8 m high in the shower, but this company does 2 coats as standard and up to tile height (2 m in our case). Because I’ve had 3 bathrooms retiled in the past 16 years because of waterproofing issues, I insisted on 3 coats—I DO NOT want to have to be in a situation where this has to be redone.

Also, sometime in the past few work days, the cistern got installed inside the frame that will conceal it.




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