Bathroom renos: Day 2

14 02 2023

Not a lot to report today.

The project manager was here this morning framing the surround for the toilet cistern, and bringing in some of the fittings (e.g. toilet—yes we have a toilet in the bedroom right now!).

The new toilet is now inside, but has only made it as far as the bedroom

Wooden framing done for the surround for the toilet cistern

Very narrow toilet cistern, which will be hidden inside the framing but accessible from a removable lid

The plumber may be here this afternoon or tomorrow morning (the strip-out people finished earlier than expected, so the plumber may not get here today).

Tomorrow the electricians will be back to shift/add power points and re-situate light/fan switches etc. that had to be moved when the doors were widened. Then on Thursday the floor and wall prep starts ready for the tiling.