Bathroom renos: Day 9

23 02 2023

We have progress! The floor tiling has begun and is expected to be finished in a few hours. We’re getting floorboard-look tiles for the floor, in a soft caramel colour. Why? Because the wooden floors in our house are a honey-coloured blackbutt (Australian native timber) and the carpet in the adjoining bedroom is a caramel colour as are the walls etc. and I didn’t want to depart too far from what we already had.

I took a couple of photos when the tiler went to lunch. Possibly more to come later today. And yes, the shower will have a channel drain.

By 2pm, he’d finished the main bathroom floor except for a tiny bit in a corner and the toilet. The bathroom floor looks like that little Aussie bleeder, Norman Gunston (only Australians of a certain age will get that!)