Bathroom renos: Day 12

28 02 2023

Today was the final tiling and all the wall and floor grouting. It’s now all drying in prep for tomorrow when some of the fittings and plumbing will start to get installed. It’s starting to look more and more like a bathroom!
Only the silicon beading to be done in the corners of the shower and where the wall tiles meet the floor.

Tiled floor has been washed and is now drying—the tiler did a great job matching the tiles in the channel drain with those on the floor. I watched him set aside those pieces several days ago when he was making his cuts for the floor tiles—that prep certainly paid off.

In this last photo, the grouted area is on the left showing how clean a finish grouting makes to the tiles; the ungrouted floor tiles are on the right. And my purple Crocs are making an unexpected appearance 🙂