Great video on thread tension for long- and mid-arm quilting machines

10 01 2013

This great YouTube video from Jamie Wallen is a clear explanation on getting the tension right for long-arm quilting machines. It also applies equally to mid-arm machines, like the HQ Sweet Sixteen.



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11 01 2013

Have shared this to my Fb page. This is what I have been doing and the results are fail-safe!!! Awesome demo!!! Thanks so much. I hope this goes a long way to “de-mystify”/eliminate the “don’t touch the bobbin tension” old wives’ tail!!!!!

3 10 2013
Martha Willingham

Ive been sewing for 40+years and this video is awesome Thank you so much for making it.

3 10 2013

Hi Martha

I didn’t make it — I just shared it from YouTube so I’d always have it handy. Jamie Wallen made it.


26 04 2014
Threads and tension: Practise before quilting | Rhonda Bracey: At Random

[…] ALWAYS drop-test my bobbin thread tension before threading the top of the machine. I use Jamie Wallen’s method and it works every time for me. Once I have the bobbin tension adjusted, I rarely, if ever, have to […]

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