Bathroom renos: Day 5

17 02 2023

A very quiet day today. The PM and tiler both turned up early, and the tiler got on to filling and screeding the floor and wall area for the shower. But concrete (or whatever he uses) has to dry so he was done and gone by mid-morning. He’ll be back later today to do a bit more, then it will all dry over the weekend. He’ll start the waterproofing on Monday and that will take 3 days because I want 3 coats and up much higher on the walls than the Australian standard. He told me he’s not just waterproofing the shower area, but also the walls, floors and window ledges where water could splash, and the back wall where the bath used to be, and into the main bathroom area too. Each coat has to dry, so 3 coats = 3 days before he can start tiling. He can’t start tiling earlier from the toilet out otherwise he could be out in the measurements—the tiling has to start from the where the shower screen will go, which is why he can’t do anything until the waterproofing is all done. In my chat about our 3 previous experiences with bad waterproofing and bathrooms, I found that he and I are very much on the same page about getting the waterproofing done right the first time, because it’s way to expensive to fix later. An extra day for a 3rd coat? in the scheme of things, it’s a small price to pay.

The PM was also here first thing (it’s his day off!) and we pulled down the blue plastic that we’d had up to minimise the dust. He did a few things then took off for the day.




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