Empty Spools at Asilomar: Friday 28 February 2014

2 03 2014

Our last day today. Well, half day.

When we got to the room after breakfast some ladies had already packed up and gone, especially those with long drives ahead of them, such as the lovely Marilyn from St George in Utah. Others had partly packed.

I wanted to get the background of my 3rd piece completed before they came to pick up the rental sewing machines from our room, and got most of it stitched.


My body of work for the week

Pam had a final Q&A with us, then it really was time to pack up and vacate the classroom.

I got a couple of lovely cards from the ladies and a small gift from Donna, as well as a thank you card from the whole group. That was very unexpected and it was lovely reading all their nice comments.


The ‘another’ reference is to the fact that I was an Australian taking a fellow Australian’s class… in the US!


Those left in our group had our final lunch together and then it was time to say goodbye.

Would I do another class with Pam? ABSOLUTELY! she’s a great teacher and an enormous amount of fun (and she wears the greatest colours!). I’m privileged to know her and to have been taught by her. And the great thing is that have three almost finished pieces to take home with me — at previous workshops, I’ve finished maybe half the work, so it was gratifying to get so much done.


As I said yesterday, it’s been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot, made new friends, and enjoyed the tranquility of this gorgeous part of the world.

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2 03 2014

How quickly the time has flown for you. I’m so excited to see some of what you experienced!!!!! Be safe………hugs…………

12 03 2014
12 03 2014
12 03 2014
12 03 2014
12 03 2014
14 03 2014
Karel Donley

Rhonda; What can anyone say but “WOW!” Your work is terrific and I can see that you learned and stretched a bunch. Fantastic stuff and I am so happy for you!
Meanwhile, I just returned from Quilting Adventures (my first trip) and I had
a terrific time, learned a bunch too. I am becoming a longarmer these days!
Whole new set of skills!
Hope maybe next year we can do this together…..have you seen the new lineup for QA for 2015?

17 03 2014
Dawn C.

Wow is right! What a fun – great experience!

8 07 2015
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