Empty Spools at Asilomar: Tuesday 25 February 2014

26 02 2014

Great work day today. Finished my first cowboy! Luckily I brought along several photos to choose from as I’ve now completed one. I’ll start the next tomorrow. This time I’ll do an animal instead of another portrait, just so I can get help with stitching the fur. (Photos of the cowboy are in yesterday’s post.)

More show and tell tonight, followed by presentations from four of the teachers.

Meals today: breakfast: scrambled eggs and ham; lunch: pepper steak, rice and veges and cauliflower soup (not the pepper steak I was expecting… It was bell peppers with steak, not black or green peppercorns!); dinner: roast chicken, broccoli, and creamy potatoes and apple pie. I’m trying to avoid desserts as there’s SO much food, like tonight we got HALF a chicken EACH. Such a waste of food. I got through a quarter chicken but it was still way too much. I much prefer the way the Texas people do it with a self-serve buffet-style where you can have as little or as much as you’d like. The way they do it here almost forces you to eat more than you should because you know the leftovers will have to be thrown out. Such a wicked waste of perfectly good food all because they over-served you… For EVERY meal.

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