Beautiful glass sculpture

19 01 2014

I saw this beautiful glass sculpture of a stingray at a friend’s new house recently. I love the colours — the iridescence, the shape, the sinuous lines. And the sandstone/limestone block on which it’s mounted just adds to the effect of a stingray flying low through shallow water over the white sand.

IMAG1646  IMAG1645




4 responses

20 01 2014

Amazing!!! I’ve not seen anything like it!!!!!!

21 04 2015
Paul Pijnappel

Hi I have a similar ray and am keen to find the artist. Pretty sure they must be an Australian. Should appreciate any info you friend have. Paul

1 05 2015

Hi Paul

I couldn’t get the name of the artist but the friend who has this said she “bought it in Augusta [Western Australia], in the Main Street. [The gallery] was called either 66 or something similar. It is on the corner opposite the service station.”

I did a bit more investigation and I think the artist is Alan Fox. Some of his work is here:


21 02 2017
Laszlo Biro

My name is Laszlo – I make the stingrays. I only saw this reference by chance.
I am in Australia, my website is

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