Summer heat

19 01 2014

I really don’t like the heat of an Australian summer. It may be a dry heat (humidity is FAR worse, in my opinion), but it’s still darned hot. And the threat of bushfires is ever-present.

Last week we had a run of days over 35C, with a couple of days over 40C (105F). One night it was still 33C (91F) at midnight, and according to my car, it was 34C just after 8:30 am the next morning… and rising quickly.


That day the temperature peaked an hour or so later at just a tad under 40C, then the sea breeze same in; the photo below was taken just after the sea breeze started to hit — only a minute or so before my car reported that the outside temperature was 40C. Note that I was very responsible and only took the photos when the car was stopped and pulled over to the side of the road đŸ˜‰


We’ve got another batch of extreme heat again this coming week. I am forever grateful to Mr Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning!



One response

20 01 2014

Amen to A/C!!!!!!!!

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