The bees are loving it!

24 06 2013

The banksia that self-seeded a while back has heaps of flowers on it at the moment, and some of them are just FULL of bees, with their whole bodies submerged in the flower head trying to get nectar and/or pollen. They sure weren’t interested in what I was doing!

I did notice that they didn’t seem interested in the flowers that were still in perfect condition — only those that had started to die off. Maybe that’s when the nectar is the sweetest? Or has fermented and the bees become drunk? (I used to have grape vines at a house I owned a long time ago, and the bees would get very drunk when supping on the fermenting bunches of grapes — they were really funny to watch.







One response

25 06 2013

Those are so unusual!!! Definitely would NOT survive in our Minnesota winters!!!! Love your ‘bee’ story!!

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