Community Quilt 90

24 06 2013

Well, I don’t think I’ll get to 100 quilts in 12 months, though I’m close with 90 (I started quilting Community Quilts at the end of June 2012). This one is #90 and was originally going to be quilted by a friend of mine, but she’s sold her house and is in the process of packing and moving. I know what that’s like, so I offered to do it instead.

This was a nice little eye-spy quilt, with lots of bright colours that went well together. I decided to do an all-over design — my ‘squared off’ open headband motif. In keeping with the bright colours in the coloured blocks, I used a variegated thread I’ve had forever, in the red, blue, yellow, and green.

Even though the quilting is quite dominant, I quite liked how it turned out and how the thread choice complements the coloured blocks.

(Click a photo to view it larger)




Threads used:

  • Top: I have no idea! It was a thread I’ve had for a long time and any identification on the spool has long gone.
  • Bobbin: Wonderfil Invisifil (red, 100 wt, colour IF 202)


Reusing quilt batting in the garage

24 06 2013

Well, necessity is the mother of invention 😉 I was concerned that one day I’d knock the car door against the brick pillar in the garage. I’m always very careful not to, but you never know… So I wondered what I could put on the pillar and how I could make it stick to the rough bricks.

And then it came to me — quilt batting! It has really good adherence to any rough surface, so I got some batting cut-offs that I was saving for some other yet-to-be-decided purpose, stitched them together, then pressed the batting wad onto the bricks. I did this about two weeks ago, and it hasn’t fallen off yet 😉

I’m also not quite as concerned about opening the car door just that little bit much anymore. So it works well, but I think I’ll make another one that’s longer so it can cover the entire width of the pillar.


Update: I made a bigger one and it’s MUCH better. Gives better coverage to the whole car door now.




The bees are loving it!

24 06 2013

The banksia that self-seeded a while back has heaps of flowers on it at the moment, and some of them are just FULL of bees, with their whole bodies submerged in the flower head trying to get nectar and/or pollen. They sure weren’t interested in what I was doing!

I did notice that they didn’t seem interested in the flowers that were still in perfect condition — only those that had started to die off. Maybe that’s when the nectar is the sweetest? Or has fermented and the bees become drunk? (I used to have grape vines at a house I owned a long time ago, and the bees would get very drunk when supping on the fermenting bunches of grapes — they were really funny to watch.