Reusing quilt batting in the garage

24 06 2013

Well, necessity is the mother of invention 😉 I was concerned that one day I’d knock the car door against the brick pillar in the garage. I’m always very careful not to, but you never know… So I wondered what I could put on the pillar and how I could make it stick to the rough bricks.

And then it came to me — quilt batting! It has really good adherence to any rough surface, so I got some batting cut-offs that I was saving for some other yet-to-be-decided purpose, stitched them together, then pressed the batting wad onto the bricks. I did this about two weeks ago, and it hasn’t fallen off yet 😉

I’m also not quite as concerned about opening the car door just that little bit much anymore. So it works well, but I think I’ll make another one that’s longer so it can cover the entire width of the pillar.


Update: I made a bigger one and it’s MUCH better. Gives better coverage to the whole car door now.






One response

25 06 2013

What can I say!!!??? Necessity is the mother of…….brilliance!!! LOL!

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