Community Quilt 87

8 06 2013

I didn’t particularly like this quilt (non-one says I have to like them!), though the child who gets it will probably love it to death as there’s a lot going on in each block. It’s a perfect ‘I spy’ quilt.

As the quilt fabrics were so busy, I just did an all-over squared off ‘open headband’ motif. However, I had a great deal of difficulty in keeping this quilt from puckering. My tension was fine — the problem was that the quilt wasn’t a quilt sandwich with proper batting inside it. The quilt top had been laid directly onto the backing fabric, which was a polar fleece. It was as a slippery as anything on my quilting machine table, and it puckered as I stitched.

The one consolation is that the puckering is reasonably even, so perhaps the recipient will think that’s how it’s meant to be 😉

(Click on a photo to view it larger)





Threads used:

  • Top: Madeira rayon (aqua blue)
  • Bobbin: Wonderfil Invisifil (lime green, 100 wt, colour IF 702)


Community Quilt 86

8 06 2013

This was such a cute quilt! All those spotted owls… The Community Quilt Coordinator gave it to me hoping I’d do a great job on it — I hope it lives up to your expectations, Gwen 😉

This quilt took me 8+ hours to quilt. First I stitched ESS (‘every stinking seam’ [from Cindy Needham]) in invisible thread, and I mean EVERY stinking seam… including around all the applique pieces of each owl. Then I used a variegated green thread to stitch a different filler motif in each block. I quite like how the different stitches give different personalities to the owls — the black one, for example, looks like he’s scared.

In keeping with the owl theme, I stitched really long bird feathers from the centre of each border out to the corners. I tried something different for these feathers — I put TWO different threads in the top, using a size 18 needle to make sure they had enough room to pass through. I thought I’d get a lot of breakage or shredding, but I got very little. The combination of the fluoro orange and the yellow thread came out a really nice yellow orangey colour.

I was quite pleased with how the whole quilt turned out. There’s a cute frog fabric on the back too 😉










(Click on a photo to view it larger)

Threads used:

  • Top: Fil-Tec ‘Affinity’ (‘Chartru’, colour #60156, 40 wt, variegated polyester); Fil-Tec ‘Glide’ (‘Neon Orange’, colour #90811, 40 wt, polyester); Fil-Tec ‘Glide’ (‘Marigold’, colour #80130, 40 wt, polyester)
  • Bobbin: Wonderfil Invisifil (100 wt, lime green, colour IF 702)


Community Quilt 85

8 06 2013

I started this one at the ‘sit and sew’ stations at QuiltWest two weekends ago, and finished it last weekend. I’ve been super busy at work, so it’s taken all week to get the photos taken and posted.

Just a simple heart and loop motif for this one, to match the blue appliqued hearts. All stitched in a white cotton thread (I think I use white Bobbinfil on the top and bottom).





High tide

8 06 2013

A week or so ago we had a lunar perigee, where the moon is the closest to Earth. Around that time as I was driving into town I noticed that the tide was exceptionally high in the estuary… almost to the road. Here are some photos taken from the car (yes, I pulled over but I didn’t get out):




Update 24 June 2013: Last night was the ‘supermoon’, and today when I came back from town around noon, the high tide was lapping the road in parts and had made inroads into some of the car parks and tracks into the estuary. Again, all pictures were taken from the car, when I was stopped.

Note in the last photo that the tide isn’t just on the estuary side — it also raises the water level in the low-lying parts of the other side of the road.