Not so happy feet

11 05 2008

Today (Sunday) was ‘being a tourist’ day. After calling my Mum to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, I left the apartment around 9am and wandered down to the Eagle Pier markets. I bought three mandarins and a small gift for D when he visits (hey, big spender!). From the markets I walked along the Brisbane River past the City Botanic Gardens, across the Goodwill Bridge, and along the Southbank area. It was a really nice walk – very pretty and the weather was just gorgeous. Warm, balmy, sunny, and pleasant without being too hot or humid. The only problem was the lack of public restrooms anywhere along the way – it was Southbank before I came across any.

It’s a while since I’ve walked for nearly two hours straight, so my feet were sore! My last stop before heading back was the Queensland State Library where I got allocated a free hour’s access to a computer in the “Info Zone” and used the State Library’s account to do some family tree research on And I found out some extra bits of info about a family mystery that may help add some more pieces to the puzzle! So it was a very productive hour… and my feet got a rest for a while.

I walked from the Library back over the Victoria Bridge, down the Queen St Mall and back to where I’m staying with a stop-off at an Indian stall in the food court to grab a bite to eat for lunch. The ‘regular’ size was a bit more than I could eat for lunch, so I had half and may have the other half for dinner tonight. Originally, my immediate boss and I and a couple of others were going to go out for Indian on Friday night, then that got changed to Sunday night, then I heard from her while I was in the Library and it looks like it’s not on at all as she can’t make it.

I thought of doing the ‘City Sights’ hop on/drop off bus tour this afternoon, but decided that my feet needed a rest, and so did I. I also have to prep for my conference presentation on Thursday. And I need to write emails to family in the US to share with them the pieces of the puzzle I’ve found!

Update: More Indian! J called late in the afternoon to see if I wanted to join him for Indian. Is the Pope a Catholic?! Of course! We went to Chutney Mary’s in Wickham Tce. I doubt it’s ANY relation to Chutney Mary’s in Perth… The food was OK, but the service was really quite bad. Two of the items we ordered were off the menu that night (we weren’t told this immediately), and one of the items we ordered the server got wrong. For what we got and the poor service, it was expensive.



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