More Asian food

12 05 2008

Today was my last day working with my main Brisbane client for the next week. I do some work with a new Brisbane client tomorrow – just 3 hours consulting, but there’s possibly more consulting work with them later. And then it’s off to the Gold Coast for my conference later tomorrow.

But tonight I went to Wagamama with M, my boss. We both had the Chilli Chicken Ramen. Good stuff too! Very tasty, and it appeared very healthy as there were lots of fresh ingredients and little fat. And just the right amount of heat and spice for me. Wagamama is predominantly Japanese in style, but there was little evidence of raw fish, the one thing I don’t like about Japanese cuisine. I’d go again. I know from TFP’s blog that there’s at least one in Perth, so maybe the next time I’m in Perth for any length of time, I’ll try to get there. Oh, and I’d already ordered a glass of wine before I saw the apple, mint and lime juice, which sounded delicious. Next time…



2 responses

12 05 2008

Yes, definitely do try the apple, mint and lime juice if you can. It’s lovely.

18 05 2008

Love Wagamama, too. Did you go to the one in town or the one in the Valley? I’m guessing you didn’t go to the one at Chermside shopping centre … 😉
I think Wagamama started out in London, there’s about 50 of them around town, including a new one at the oh-so-lovely unless you have baby food in your hand luggage (even with a baby!) going through security Terminal 5 at Heathrow. That Wagamama even serves breakfast …

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