Bridgetown training venues

4 05 2008

I gathered all this information late last week about venues in my town that may be suitable for small group training, and didn’t know where to put it, so I figured I may as well blog about it in case others are looking for this information, or in case I need it again (as Steph would say: “Propping up a dodgy memory”!).

All information relates to Bridgetown, Western Australia and is applicable as at 2 May 2008.

I had to find a venue suitable for 2 trainees and a trainer, each with laptops. My requirements were:

  • relatively cheap
  • heated
  • power outlets
  • suitable desks and chairs
  • tea and coffee facilities (not essential)
  • wall or screen to project computer images on to (not essential)

After some phoning and internet searching, I found these venues:

  • Lesser Hall (Shire): $69 / day (there’s also the main Shire hall but it’s very big)
  • Old Yornup School (Shire): $66 / day (tucked in behind the Telecentre)
  • Bridgetown Hotel: $150 / day (function room)
  • Nelsons: $150 / day (function room)
  • Bridgetown Telecentre: $40 /day (conference room or office; they have a computer training room but it is much more expensive as you pay for the use of the computers too)

These venues were also possibilities, though after I inspected the Telecentre’s facilities and signed up for the conference room, I didn’t look any further so I can’t give any more information about them except that they MAY offer suitable space:

  • Bridgetown Gardens function centre
  • Silver Chain community centre
  • St John Ambulance training room
  • Bridgetown Club
  • Bridgetown Bowling Club
  • Bridgetown Golf Club
  • Bridgetown Tennis Club
  • Bridgetown Recreation Centre
  • Bridgetown Family and Community Centre
  • Ford House B&B and function centre
  • Lucieville Farm Chalets

If anyone else knows the Bridgetown area well, and can add to this list of possible venues for a small group, please do so!