End of the week

11 05 2008

I worked at the client’s head office in Brisbane office all day Friday, then J and V and I went out for a pretty nice meal at Il Centro at Eagle Pier. I had the Black Angus Sirloin (300g) with Bearnaise Sauce and it was superb. The three of us shared two desserts – a delicious Zabbaione (sp?) and a selection of gelatos/gelati?. It was good to catch up with J and V – we all worked together in the previous company’s Perth office and all happened to be in the Brisbane office the same week.

I had Saturday and Sunday to myself, so the decision was ‘what to do?’. After our dinner Friday night, Saturday was taken care of – I found out that V was working all day Saturday and probably most of Sunday to get some stuff finished prior to him going to Malaysia Sunday night. I knew on Friday that there was a new part of the program that I had to document on Monday (I’m not available the rest of the week), and it just so happens that V is one of the main developers on that part of the code! So V and I spent most of Saturday in at the office. He continued development and I documented what already exists. It was great too – he demo’d the software to me, gave me a link to a functioning database, and was on hand if I needed help (which I didn’t). Even better, when I found an ambiguous error message he changed it immediately. And it was quiet! No-one else was around, there were no interruptions of people or phones or emails or IMs… A bit like working from home, really.

Saturday evening J and V and I had another meal together, this time at ZenBar in Anzac Square. I had a really nice and very filling Laksa. It’s really close to where I’m staying and they do delivery and takeouts too, so that’s a good option for future visits, or even this coming Monday night.



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18 05 2008

Love ZenBar. Have had a few lunches there!

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