Safe and sound

8 05 2008

Uneventful drive to Perth, uneventful flight, arrived safe and sound. Uneventful cab ride to hotel, and uneventful check-in. You can’t get any better than that!

Update (later that night): Just dropping off to sleep… when the sound of hammer drills or jackhammers immediately below my room broke through the dream barriers. 10:30pm on a Thursday night is a great time to break up concrete… NOT. Thank goodness I had some ear plugs with me.

More computers

8 05 2008

Since I was last in the Qantas Club lounge at Perth Airport (domestic), they’ve made some changes. When I was here 2 months ago it was a bit of a nightmare as they were doing renovations behind screens, so it was all a little cramped.

Well today it was radically different! I walked in and was immediately in the computer area! They must have some 20 computers here now, all with broadband access, and all open on benches. Cool!

No more queuing or waiting for someone to finish. Thanks Qantas! Now to find a snack and a drink…