Something in the air tonight

29 03 2008

I had my fill of Cathay Pacific’s movies on the flight to Hong Kong from Vancouver the other night, so I really didn’t want to watch any on the 8 hour flight to Perth. I had a spare seat next to me, so I could get out the laptop without disturbing anyone else, and catch up on some reading. Before leaving Australia, I’d downloaded a heap of “Change This” manifestos, with the intention of reading them when I was at a loose end. Ha! It wasn’t until I was in the final stage of the journey that I had a chance to read them, and I still didn’t read them all.

Two that stood out, and that I recommend you read are:

BTW, I only watched three movies coming over from Vancouver, even though there was time to watch at least seven. The three I saw were:

  • Juno – terrific performance by Ellen Page as the intelligent and sassy 16 year old girl; good movie
  • The Martian Child – quirky movie about a young boy who thinks he’s from Mars; starred John and Joan Cusack who played a brother and sister
  • Bee Movie, the animation starring Jerry Seinfeld. I like good animations, but I hadn’t been taken with the trailers I’d seen of Bee Movie. However, I quite enjoyed it.



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