QuiltWest 2014

26 05 2014

Update: With one exception, NONE of these quilts are mine and I can’t tell you about the patterns used or the quiltmakers, except as attributed (however, most quilt makers would be from Western Australia). They are photos of the quilts I particularly liked at an exhibition. PLEASE DO NOT attribute any quilts (except Citrus Explosion) to me.

The annual Perth Craft Fair was on last week, finishing yesterday (Sunday). Part of the Craft Fair is QuiltWest, the annual exhibition from members of the West Australian Quilters Association. Some 250 entries were received, and there were special exhibitions as well, so about 300 or more quilts were on display. I took some photos of some of them (there were too many to photograph them all!), but as I was using my phone’s camera and as amateur photos like these don’t do quilts justice, you’ll just have to imagine how good all these quilts were 😉 There are some amazingly talented women (and one man) out there!

(I won a 3rd prize in the art quilts category for my ‘Citrus Explosion‘ — the prize was a pack of various Moda charm squares [large and small] and 2.5 inch squares. Thanks PK Fabrics!)

Official winners: http://quiltwaphotos2.wordpress.com/quiltwest-2014-slide-show-all-winners/

Some of the quilts from the special exhibitions:

Hang Ten, by Yvonne Chapman. Quilt of a woman surfing a wave at sunset

Hang Ten, by Yvonne Chapman

Detail from Hang Ten, by Yvonne Chapman. Waves arcing over the setting sun

Details from Hang Ten, by Yvonne Chapman















Quilts in the Living Colour special exhibition (for more details and professional photos see: http://livingcolourtextiles.com/gallery.html):















Quilts by members of WAQA:





My ‘Citrus Explosion’ which won a 3rd prize in its category.


My orchid quilt









Lisa’s AMAZING King Bed quilt! 104×104 inches = 10,816 one-inch squares of scrap fabrics


Close view of Lisa’s ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ quilt. Even the blacks were different shades…

Quilts on the Handi Quilter stand:


I like the fresh lemon and lime colours in this quilt


Whole cloth quilt by Helen Godden, who marked circles then couched various areas of the circles in knitting yarn to create this multicoloured effect. Clever.




32 responses

26 05 2014

thanks for posting these inspirational works

26 05 2014

Wonderful post Rhonda..

26 05 2014
Lisa Throssell

Fantastic quilts. Such a great range of styles and the colours are magnificent. Love your explosion of citrus. Well done on the third prize.

26 05 2014

Wow, I am always amazed at the creativity of people. Those quilts art works of art.

26 05 2014
Dawn C.

Congrats on you winning 3rd for your Citrus! Bravo!

27 05 2014
Angie in SoCal

My stars! What beauties – and thank you for the photos emphazing the fabulous quilting. Amazing.

27 05 2014

Wow!!!! And congrats!!!!!!!!

27 05 2014

Lovely, lovely quilts and some nice close-up photos of the quilting, thanks for posting these Rhonda

3 06 2014
Community Quilt 144 | Rhonda Bracey: At Random

[…] volunteered to do some quilting at the Community Quilts stand at the annual QuiltWest exhibition, and in the few hours I was there, I quilted a complete quilt and about half of another one, before […]

7 07 2014
Joyce Robertson

Absolutely beautiful! I am a novice quilter, not affiliated with a guild etc. What wonderful inspiration!

4 08 2014

Your work is gorgeous. You are truly a quilt artist!!

20 08 2014
Kathleen Campbell

Your quilts take my breath away. Very BEAUTIFUL! If I can make one it will be the WEDDING RING with roses!

20 08 2014

Hi Kathleen

These are photos from a state-wide exhibition. Only one quilt is mine 😉


20 06 2019

And the top one is mine. Its called “Hang ten.” It was wrongly attributed to Rhonda recently after someone researched for the image and was shared over 250 times before the correction could be made. Thank you for including it in your selection.

20 06 2019

Thanks for letting me know, Yvonne. I’ve now added attribution to your wonderful quilt. And a general comment about these quilts NOT being mine (with one exception) in case it wasn’t clear to other readers.


3 09 2014

WOW! These are amazing! What truly talented artists you have in Australia! The innovation, detail and patience represented in these quilts is (are?) staggering!

5 10 2014
5 10 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Incredible work! Congratulations to you for your wonderful piece. There are some truly amazing quilters in Australia.

6 10 2014
Lisa smaza

Wow and wow again if I could get half as good I’d be a happy girl

12 10 2014
Terezinha Google

Fantástico maravilhosos encantador!

28 02 2015
Kath Townley

Emigrating to WA from England next year, looking forward to meeting lots of talented quilter.
Thanks for posting the fantastic photos

29 03 2015
Bertie L Frantz

Is there a pattern for the double wedding ring with the applique rose border I would love to have one. Beautiful!!

29 03 2015

These photos were from a quilt exhibition in Perth, Western Australia last May. I have no idea who made the quilts or what patterns they used.

18 03 2016
Susan Dean

Do you have a
picture of the the entire Wedding ring quilt with app. flowers from the quilt west 2014 Australia

18 03 2016

No – what you see is all I have.

14 07 2016
Choyse bader

I wish some of these quilts were for sale. Absolutely beautiful!

7 02 2017
I Sandi Stamps

These are the most beautifully stitched quilts I have ever seeen! Great work Perth quilters!!SStamps Salt Lake City, Ut.

14 02 2017

Awesome work & the colours are stunning. Great job all of you.

19 04 2017

Beautiful quilts!! So inspiring and lovely to view. Do you happen to know the names of the quilters presenting. A brochure listing perhaps? The gorgeous floral double wedding ring quilt caught my eye. I am in the mist of 4 nieces and 2 nephews getting married between July 2017 and October of 2018.

19 04 2017

Hi Dharma

No, I don’t have any information on the quilters.

18 06 2017

Amazing quilts – the colours, patterns, and quilting are all exceptional. Stunning display of talent.

11 12 2022
Sueann Kingkade

How wonderful is this?! What a treat and what an eye you have! The quilts are all so lovely and to garner a third prize in the company of such talent!

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