Gossamer wings

10 02 2014

I spotted this dead something near the back door. At first I didn’t know what it was, but when I turned it over, it was clear it was a large stick insect/praying mantis. I picked it up by one of its now-dry wings, and saw the most amazing pink gossamer wing hiding underneath the green of the outer wing. So pretty.


stick_insect02  stick_insect03



5 responses

10 02 2014
Mary Ed Williams

What amazing colors!

10 02 2014

Such intricacy!!!!! And there are those who won’t believe in a Grand Creator God!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…………

10 02 2014

That’s a praying mantis, right?

12 02 2014
Chantal Norberg

I’m always amazed by the beautiful colors and designs found in nature. Thank you for sharing this! I also love the photos you share of your lovely quilt work and of things in your daily life. Such a nice spirit.

23 02 2014
Dawn C.

Beauty in the bug.

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