Leaving on a jet plane

29 03 2008

My last full day outside Australia. I get picked up from the hotel just after 11am; my Cathay Pacific flight to Perth is due to leave Hong Kong around 2:15pm, arriving in Perth around midnight tonight.

My only concern is the weather. There’s a cyclone off Western Australia at the moment and we’ll have to fly over it or through it to land in Perth. If we’re lucky, it may have become a rain-bearing depression by the time we hit the West Australian coast this evening, but there’s likely to be some turbulence the last few hours at least. Good news: I just looked at the satellite photo and it looks as though it’s petering out already. And there’s no rain predicted for Perth, so this cyclone mustn’t have much ‘grunt’.

BTW, I just looked out my hotel window – the weather in Hong Kong is like yesterday. Very low and heavy cloud, rain, humidity at 100%, temperature around 23C. Yuck.



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