Doing the eagle rock

26 03 2008

One of the delights with staying with Jill and Brian (other than their company, of course!) is their location in a most beautiful part of the world. Add to that the trees in front of their house that are home to a pair of Bald Eagles, and you really can’t get much better than that.

I’ve heard the eagles a few times this trip—and they always surprise me by having such a tweetering sound, not a booming and majestic noise as you’d expect from such a magnificent bird. But this time—unlike previous visits—there are no babies.

Jill and Brian said that they haven’t had babies for a couple of years now, though they still mate and build a nest. Sad. This pair of eagles can no longer reproduce, and seeing as how few Bald Eagles there are in the wild in the world, it’s a real loss. But I guess I can take comfort that this pair has been together for at least 15 years, and both are still alive and well.

However, I do miss the early morning sounds of the babies in the nest, way up in the top of the tree just outside the guest bedroom.



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