Someone famous

7 03 2008

DATELINE… 10:30am Brisbane International Airport Qantas Club Lounge, 7 March 2008. Someone famous is in the lounge. Musician, group. I can’t tell. But there’s a few of them. One has an instrument (guitar?), all have mops of unkempt hair, one’s female. American accents. I’ll see if I can fid out who they are. I don’t recognise any faces…

LATER… on board aircraft prior to take-off. I’m seated one seat slightly behind and across from… Cindi Lauper! I didn’t recognise her as she had a cap/hat on, her hair was bunched up in it, and she had NO makeup on.



One response

11 03 2008

I had an encounter like this one last year when flying back from Maui after Christmas. Except this star was Jessica Simpson. My basketball team and I spotted her, undercover, in the Airport Bar. We figured it would be a nice gesture to buy her a drink and then ask for pictures.
She definately has the snotty, ‘I am way better then all of you attitude’ thing down!

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