Community Quilt 19

23 10 2012

Prior to our weekend quilting retreat, I’d stitched part of this quilt — I’d gone around the edges of all the hand-appliqued pieces in the Dresden fans (flowers) with invisible thread just to hold them in place properly. I’d also stitched the centres of each ‘flower’ in a stylised sunflower/Fibonacci spiral (yes, I made it up!).

So all I had to do on the retreat was decide how to quilt the big open yellow spaces. Glenys suggested emulating the centres of the flowers in the yellow blocks — I thought that was a great idea, so did so, then stitched flower petals to attach to the centre, making sure each petal point matched a particular point on the fans.

Click on a photo to view it larger.




One response

24 10 2012

Your quilting reminds me of sunflowers….which I love…..neat design where you have the quilted petals coming together at the tips!!

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