Weeds 1, me 0

4 11 2007

Despite pulling some 15 bags of weeds out of the front yard the past four days, they’re still winning!

Some of the 15 bags of weeds

I won’t even mention the back yard, especially the section down by the fruit trees. The lawnmowing people will slash that this week. It may not get rid of the weeds (oats and similar grasses, mostly, and the remnants of soursob), but at least we’ll be able to see any snakes! Until the weeds grow back again, of course…

The green patches that look like lawn (ha!) above the retaining wall in the picture below are some of the remaining weeds out the front. It’s been a wet winter, and our soil is very clay-ey so I haven’t been able to get out and attack them until now. I’ve cut a swathe through them, but it’s a big job. “Roundup” is looking increasingly attractive, even though I’m loathe to put poison into the ecosystem.

Cutting a swathe



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