Feeling faint

13 11 2007

The Blues at Bridgetown was last weekend. It’s a BIG event for the town—the local population of about 5,000 expands by some 10-15,000 music lovers. We had every intention of going on Saturday to see some of the free live acts in the town’s main street. But the best-laid plans of mice and men can go awry!

We went to Bunbury on Friday where I donated blood to the Red Cross Blood Bank (as I try to do every 3 months). We walked around town for a bit, then went to lunch at the Rose Hotel… Where I promptly fell in a heap with fainting symptoms and excessive perspiration. I had to lie on the floor for ages before I was OK enough to raise my head. Not a good look for the pub, having a female lying on the floor with her legs on a chair! Needless to say, we didn’t finish our shopping and obviously I didn’t drive back home. When we got home I slept for 2 hours followed by a good night’s sleep. So that was Friday.

On Saturday I was still feeling a bit weak, plus I had a reasonable headache. And it got very hot over the weekend. Because the main street and side streets were closed (or packed) for the Blues Festival, we would’ve had to walk there and back. ‘There’ is downhill all the way; ‘back’ is up a massive hill. Under normal circumstances, it’s a tough walk.

So with my low blood pressure and having given blood and had a bad turn the day before, we decided it wasn’t worth it. There’s always next year…

Ooo! I know someone like this too

13 11 2007

Craig over at Another Boy from Oz pointed me to this excellent (but long) blog post: The Nerd Handbook.

I know quite a few people like this—and on occasions, I am one! Scary.