South of the Border quilt

8 11 2007

Back in June, I attended a foundation piecing workshop run by my friend Bobbie, the QuiltMouse. Not being one for flowers and pastels, I decided on some bright fabrics, including some blacks and chilli patterns. After making the sample blocks, I decided to go for broke and make a lap quilt for the chilly (chilli!) nights we get here in Bridgetown. You know, the sort of quilt you wrap around your legs when you’re on the sofa watching TV or reading a book.

So some months later it’s finished! Bobbie created the block pattern; I chose the fabrics, did the design/layout, and pieced the top; Judy quilted it all together using her big long arm commercial quilting machine; then I finished it off with the binding. I deliberately used a wool batting for warmth come next winter.

I’ve called it “South of the Border” as it has all the elements of the New Mexico/Arizona region we love (yes, I *know* that’s not south of the US border, but some I’m using some artistic license here!).There are lots of fabrics with chillis, capsicum (peppers for the US-ians), horses, cacti, etc., as well as the bright reds, yellows, and purples reminiscent of Santa Fe and other places in that region.

The red backing and sashing fabric actually has a slightly Japanese feel to it, with some stylised calligraphy and very faint reeds in the pattern. But I thought it worked well with the other colours.

While it may look like a jumble of blocks, there *is* a pattern in there—the purple cross in the centre, surrounded by the yellow, orange, and red toned blocks, followed by the black.

South of the Border quilt

It’s already been hung at the local “Hanging by a Thread” quilt exhibition last Saturday and I’m putting it in the local show (along with the other quilts I’ve made this year) at the end of this month.

More photos of this quilt (including close-ups)…