Some discount…

14 06 2007

OK, I fail to see how this is a discount…

My parents took their passports in to be renewed today. I’d helped them fill in the electronic forms and printed them out for them (yes, you have to *print* out an electronic form… mmm… good to see our tax dollars at work…). Anyhow, the form said that if you’re over 75, you get a Seniors discount. Well, they’re both over 75 so we checked that box on the form.

My Mum just called to say that the full price of a 10 year passport renewal for an adult is $193, and the Seniors discount – wait for it – is 50% for a 5 year renewal!! Which means that if they renew for 10 years (as they did) there’s no discount at all. The ‘discount’ is related to the renewal time. I can guarantee that by the time 5 years is up, the price will have gone up too, so they’d be paying even more if they renewed for 5 then renewed again for another 5.

Ever the optimist, my Mum renewed their passports for 10 years. And paid full price.

I guess if you’re 95, you would probably only take the 5 year renewal option… and therefore get a ‘discount’. So much for our government helping its senior citizens with a decent discount. It’s not even a discount, for heaven’s sake! Sheesh!



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