Awesome voice!

14 06 2007

The latest PC Guru newsletter had a link to this 4-minute YouTube video of a contestant on “Britain’s Got Talent”. Absolutely awesome… it brought tears to *my* eyes.

If you can’t see it, click here:



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18 06 2007

That’s astounding! You weren’t alone with the tears, I just hope he won, or if the show is still running, that he does. 🙂

18 06 2007

Please keep us posted if you hear anything. Gotta go wipe the tears away now. Absolutely lovely. But actually, I thought everyone in Wales was born to sing:

18 06 2007
He won! « At Random

[…] Filed under: Life stuff — sandgroper14 @ 5:52 pm That awesome voice guy I wrote about the other day, won that British talent show and will now sing for the Queen. Details: […]

18 04 2008
Another awesome voice « At Random

[…] awesome voice 18 04 2008 Last year I linked to the YouTube video of the mobile phone salesman who had the most amazing voice. This year, “Britain’s Got Talent” has discovered another one—13 year old […]

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