Head cold? No, cold head

19 06 2007

So here I am in Perth, at my hairdresser’s. He’s finished the cut and colour and is now doing the wash out and rinse. But the water is COLD – freezing in fact! Enough to turn my toes. *I* think the hot water system has carked it, so ask him to turn off the cold to see what happens… and it gets even colder! Then he remembers that the plumber was here yesterday and realises that the taps are now round the wrong way…

Lucky he spends most of his time cutting! He’d lose customers if he was always responsible for the shampooing. And he’s lucky I’ve been going to him for a VERY long time and was prepared to forgive him.

Did I mention that it’s winter and was 4C overnight in Perth last night?? A cold wet head at 6pm is NOT what I wanted!