8 05 2007

I *thought* it was cold when I got up this morning! It’s the first time I’ve felt cold here in one of the coldest places in Western Australia, and now I know why – it was 1.5C overnight here in Bridgetown (source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology website). It’s been that before, but I haven’t actually *felt* cold – this morning I did, so I guess winter is setting in…

Actually, I think everybody else here thinks it’s cold as the wood fires are on all day, every day now. And sometimes the wood smoke is a bit much to bear. Everyone here seems to have a wood fire (potbelly, tile fire, whatever). These fires all use timber from the forest floor and offcuts from the sawmills. We have a tile fire too, but have no intention of using it if we can get away with not doing so. Chopping wood just doesn’t appeal!

That’s why we had a reverse cycle split system air conditioner installed when we moved in. Yes, the air conditioner uses electricity, which burns fossil fuels and adds to greenhouse gas emissions, but hell, burning fuels directly and creating an awful lot of smoke pollution doesn’t seem any better, in my book. Meantime, we haven’t turned on any artificial heat yet – I’m making do with tracky dacks, uggs, and polar fleece jackets. So far that’s working!

Call Center Movie

7 05 2007

A hilarious 12 minute movie/spoof on the outsourcing of customer call centers to places like India. Well worth a look – make sure you have sound turned on:

Twitter? Twaddle!

5 05 2007

A friend in Connecticut sent me a link to this article on Twitter today. I have to say I agree! I can ‘get’ websites, blogs, instant messaging (IM), but I just don’t ‘get’ Twitter. Like, what’s the point?

I particularly liked these sentences:

“There’s no blaming Generation Y for that. Blame their parents, those touchy-feely post boomers who piled on the praise and positive reinforcement, lest they bruise little Dylan or Madison’s budding self esteem. It’s Mom and Dad who awarded gold stars and iMacs every time their precious progeny engaged in the most mundane of child development.”

I’m going to let Twitter pass me by… which just confirms that I must be getting old and grumpy! *grin*

Update: December 2007: Well, it’s not just me! Pamela Slim, over at Escape from Cubicle Nation doesn’t see the point either. I’m in good company. I’m also not convinced about the value of the Facebook’s “What are you doing now?” status thing. I only joined Facebook to play Scrabble with a friend, and haven’t got in to *why* I should use the stuff that’s there to broadcast my every moment. Both also assume I’m online every waking moment, and I’m not.

RSS in Plain English

5 05 2007

Ever wondered what those little orange buttons or RSS links are for that you see on many websites these days (including this blog)? Well, if you haven’t figured it out, or no-one’s told you how they work and how to use them, skip on over to Commoncraft and take a look at a very simple, “aha!” 3.5 minute explanation.

I particularly like the non-PowerPoint presentation!

Free car wash

2 05 2007

I’m in Perth at the moment and took the opportunity of booking my car in for a well-overdue service. On the drive up, the car got covered in mud (roadworks for 4kms near Donnybrook + lots of rain the past week = MUD!), and I was going to get it cleaned before heading home on Thursday.

When the guys from Jason Mazda picked it up (yes, you heard right – picked it up from my client’s workplace!), I apologised for the state of the car and the guy said that they wash it anyway – it’s part of the service! Well you coulda knocked me over with a feather! When did car service centres start doing *that*? I can’t recall ever getting a wash as part of a service at Parkland Mazda (though the car was always pretty clean, so maybe they didn’t bother – or I didn’t notice). Thanks to Craig’s experiences with his new Honda in the US, I knew that some (all?) US dealerships cleaned the car when you brought it in for service or repairs, but I didn’t realise that some (all?) Australian ones did the same. Maybe it’s just Jason Mazda.