Doors close, doors open

17 05 2007

Finally, a long term 3-day-a-week technical writing contract that I’ve had for some five and a half years will be coming to an end towards the end of June. I’ve known this for ages, but it’s only recently that they found a full-time replacement for me. Since a date has been set for my replacement starting and me doing a handover week, it’s amazing how many other doors are opening without me actively looking.

I’ve had several phone calls this past week, all of which are potential contract opportunities. Of course, nothing may come of any of them, but as I haven’t had many work calls in the past few months, I’ve got to wonder if it’s the state of the economy at the moment, or … [cue “Twilight Zone” music here] … something more universal in that I’m *allowing* myself to be open to new possibilities. Oh well, whatever…