Free car wash

2 05 2007

I’m in Perth at the moment and took the opportunity of booking my car in for a well-overdue service. On the drive up, the car got covered in mud (roadworks for 4kms near Donnybrook + lots of rain the past week = MUD!), and I was going to get it cleaned before heading home on Thursday.

When the guys from Jason Mazda picked it up (yes, you heard right – picked it up from my client’s workplace!), I apologised for the state of the car and the guy said that they wash it anyway – it’s part of the service! Well you coulda knocked me over with a feather! When did car service centres start doing *that*? I can’t recall ever getting a wash as part of a service at Parkland Mazda (though the car was always pretty clean, so maybe they didn’t bother – or I didn’t notice). Thanks to Craig’s experiences with his new Honda in the US, I knew that some (all?) US dealerships cleaned the car when you brought it in for service or repairs, but I didn’t realise that some (all?) Australian ones did the same. Maybe it’s just Jason Mazda.